Residents Session Outcome, December 8

If you didn’t have time to join us on December 8 at Rural Chapel for a township residents meeting, you missed a lot! We had some township residents provide a brief update on the current zoning cloud proposals as well as the process that will move us forward. The proposals are making their way from the Zoning Commission to the Trustees for approval. Unfortunately, the proposal moved to the Trustees is the least desirable. It includes substantial commercial and industrial, and very high-density housing.

Some residents provided two alternatives to gather feedback and suggestions. They also provided some pushpins for people to indicate the features they like (with a green pin) and features they don’t like (with a red pin). You can see the images below that summarize the residents’ feedback. Much like the township survey completed in January 2019, the residents still don’t favor industry or high-density housing.

The following map summarizes the original (2011) Comprehensive Land Use Plan (aka, CLUP).

This image represents the first alternative from some residents. It includes a smaller industrial area than desired by our elected representatives. It also includes lower density housing.

The following image represents the second alternative from some residents. It includes the elimination of industrial and additional restrictions on high-density housing.

The process to move forward will include formal hearings with Trustees. This is your opportunity to provide very specific feedback on the changes you feel are necessary. All aspects of the documents are open for modification (including the clause that restricts our ability to referendum their future actions). At the conclusion of the hearings, the Trustees will vote to either approve (with or without the discussed modifications) or reject the zoning proposals.

If they approve an option the residents don’t support, the residents will have 30 calendar days to petition for referendum. It will require 271 signatures from registered voters in Berlin Township. That will place the zoning proposals on the November ballot. That will be your final opportunity to interact with these proposals.

In January, we’ll have additional resident sessions to gather more of your feedback and support for negotiations. We’ll also clarify the date/time of the zoning hearings. It is absolutely critical that you attend those hearings and voice your position. If we don’t address and modify these proposals, Berlin Township will quickly transition to the type of environment that the majority of residents don’t appreciate.

As always, please reach out to provide your feedback via: Facebook: “We Love Berlin Township, OH”, the Nextdoor app (Berlin Station/Curve) or Email:

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